Management Express is run by its two Senior Directors, Bill and Maria Anastasiadis. With more than two decades in the property management industry, they provide a solid, hands-on foundation of experience with which to mentor and develop their team of property managers.

As such, Bill and Maria have ensured that Management Express operates differently than the rest, from objectives to processes. With a close eye on the business, they are actively involved in the day-to-day proceedings and directly available whenever landlords need to contact them.

Over their time spent in Sydney's real estate market, one thing became very evident to Bill and Maria. Many traditional agents focus largely on sales. This was true from the 1990s, and has proven consistent till now.

As a result, property management services are often provided as an afterthought or ancillary offering and not as a core service - if provided at all. Property owners are often left to their own devices, without professional guidance as to how to go about leasing their property, and without reliable information sources which could prove legally precarious given specific property legislation.

Due to the low priority, the lack of service and poor levels presented a gap in the market for property specialists whose core objective revolves around property management services. 

That is how Management Express came to be, and because of the all-encompassing nature of its property management services, it has proven to be a necessity in Sydney's boom real estate scene.

Our core business philosophy centers on looking after our clients' investment property needs, so they can make informed decisions both when starting out with and expanding their investment property portfolio.

Management Express' priority is to ensure that our clients feel assured that their rental properties are being managed with the utmost professionalism at all stages. When a client employs the property management services of Management Express, they can be 100% confident that:

  • We act on and respond to every issue on the same day.
  • We have zero tolerance of rental arrears.
  • Your property is our priority. Thorough inspections are conducted 4 times a year; every 3 months. Any issues are duly noted in detailed written reports, combined with photographs as visual evidence that we provide to the owner.
  • Landlords have the opportunity to inspect their property with us, always.
  • Clients' return on investment is key to us. Management Express reviews rental properties consistently with a view to annual increases to ensure accurate returns, and that your property's value does not ever stagnate.