It may be your first investment property, or you may be a seasoned owner of several. Either way, questions about property management will arise, especially as rules and legislations (that you may not necessarily know about) change. Below are a few common questions that we have answered. If you are interested in finding out more about Management Express and how we can manage your property, contact us by filling out our Rental Appraisal Form.

Where do I start if I want to sell my property?

Contact us to get a complimentary property appraisal. We have unparalleled access to an expansive referral network, and can put you in contact with the right agent who will manage the sale of your home.

Does the location of my agent's office matter in regard to their ability to manage my property?

Absolutely not. Today, almost 100% of prospective tenants use the Internet to find rental properties - and they pay electronically. Due to this, Management Express leases properties Sydney-wide easily and quickly. Rather than have an office in every suburb, Management Express pays attention to investing in the latest software and technology that allows us to provide owners with the best property management service.

Another property manager currently handles my rental property and I want to switch to Management Express. How do I do this?

It's easy - just contact us, provide us with some details and we'll take it from there; from contacting your current property manager to notifying your tenants of the change. For you, everything continues as per normal.

How long does it take you to find a tenant for my property?
There is no guaranteed time. But the good news is that you can take steps to ensure you find a tenant as soon as possible. Making sure your property is well presented goes a long way in attracting renters. Alongside that, we provide professional advertising and marketing efforts to publicise your property.
Is landlord's insurance necessary?

While it's not mandatory (like any insurance policy), Management Express as your property managers recommend that landlord insurance is handy to have, in the event the lease is broken early, damage occurs to the property or the tenant doesn't pay rent. Management Express commonly uses Terri Scheer, and can provide advice on what to look for in a policy.

What happens if my tenant doesn't pay rent?
Management Express will contact the tenant 4-7 days from the due date. As per the legal minimum, a Notice to Remedy Breach is issued to the tenant on the 8th day, giving them 7 days to make payment. Failing which, the tenant receives a Notice to Leave giving them 7 days to vacate. Management Express will always keep the landlord notified of all progress, and a Notice to Leave will never be issued without your consent, as it is in our interest to avoid any lost to you.