Management Express is a leading property management service, with some of the most experienced property managers in Sydney overseeing the needs of both property investors and residential rental tenants.

Operating since 1990, Management Express' focus has been and always will be providing the highest quality and excellence in property management service to clients. Essentially, our aim is to take all the time-consuming hard work out of the equation, so that you have the utmost confidence that your property is managed with seamless efficiency. Our clients' needs are always the top priority, and so it is in our best interest to manage and meet if not exceed their expectations.

With the property market in Sydney continuing to boom and develop over the years, property investors and rental tenants need an expert property management service at the helm for a number of reasons from managing competitive rent according to market rates, providing updates on trends and being kept in the loop on rental legislation..

MANAGEMENT EXPRESS - a comprehensive property management service

  • Our focus is completely on your, the client; and our business relationshipWe seek to understand your unique situation so we can deliver the best property management solutions.
  • Making it profitableOur rental appraisal systems and wide property database ensure that we can position your rental property for optimal market value, so you reap the best return on investment.
  • We simplify itCommunication with us is clear cut every single time. We are easy to deal with and efficient, and make managing your property a breeze.
  • We offer total solutions.From advice on your property, maintaining good relationship with your tenant, to providing insight on the best areas to invest in a property, we have the ideas and the answers.


  • How do you decide how much my rental property is with in terms of rental return?
  • What is your method of handling issues like maintenance and repairs?
  • How often do you conduct inspections on rental properties?
  • What actions will you take should a tenant fall behind in rental payment?
  • WHo is my point of contact?
  • What happens if my property manager is away on leave or unwell?
  • How do you screen tenants to ensure you slect someone who is reliable and responsible?

These are just some of the crucial questions you should always ask. Call us to discuss your investment property.