There are several benefits for clients who select our property management service for their Sydney investments:

  • Banish any worries about managin gyour property yourself - navigating the detailed processes, let alone finding time to do it all.
  • Our service is stress-free. We even go so far as to say you'll genuinely enjoy dealing with us.
  • On average, properties that we manage attract more than the market benchmark, in half the vacancy period. This effectively means we're working doubly hard so you can get double the return in much less time.
  • We remain focused on getting you the best results possible. We never rest on complacencies, and are always looking at ways to better your property's position in an extremely competitive retail climate.

In a nutshell, we obtain the best results in the shortest time possible and this makes us the ideal property management service that can maximise your retun on investment, fast


When you want optimal results with the shortest turnaround, only true experience can achieve desirable outcomes. The rental industry is rife with intricacies and not without continual challenges, so it makes sense that hte most capable property managers take on your rental investment property.

If you're currently dealing wiht a property manager who is less than well-versed in the rental industry and isn't sure of what your rental property is worht to prospective tenants, you're foregoing precious rental income that becomes more over time, especially with mortgage taken into account.

When we say experience counts, we mean it. To date, we have managed properties in 85 suburbs across Sydney - we have impressive reach and insight accross each area and their demographics. We lease nearly 400 residential properties a year, giving more than 1200 tenants some of Sydney's finest accommodation across a range of suburbs. In terms of what we bring in for the clients, Management Express brings in more than $12 million each year.

Regardless of whether you're new to the rental property investment scene and need expert guidance, or are currently less than impresed with your exisitng property manager's services, contact Management Express so we can begin discussions on how we can take your rental property investment to the next level.